The Mantis Grip boasts big benefits such as improvements to the artists stability, range of motion, visibility, comfort, control, and leverage. When all these benefits work together, it creates a whole new tool for the artist, a whole new beast to tame, the possibilities are endless. You wouldn’t think an offset angle would make such a difference, but it does. 


The machines equipped are not sold or in affiliation with The Mantis Grip LLC​.



The machines equipped are not sold or in affiliation with The Mantis Grip LLC​.



The machines equipped are not sold or in affiliation with The Mantis Grip LLC​.



The machines equipped are not sold or in affiliation with The Mantis Grip LLC​.




The Mantis Grip

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Right Handed Grip

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Clamp is fitted for 1″ tube grip

Cartridge setup is best, without it, you can only use it with a liner.

Goal is to keep your setup light, cause your setup is hanging out there, a heavy setup throws off the weight distribution. So disposable cartridge tubes are best, rotary machines.  The pen machines are most ideal.  I also use it with a Neotat machine equipped with a 1″ disposable cartridge tube grip.

If you move the machine forward in the vice, passed the normal point of contact, your needle will hit the skin sooner than you are used to, giving you more leverage, more punch.  Be sure to set your depth until you are comfortable, it does the work for you so its easy to bury your needle if you aren’t careful.
You can turn the machine in the vice, to perform at different angles.  Check out the videos and our YouTube channel, techniques are explained further.
The Mantis Grip can be autoclaved 


Mantis ProTeam



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Shea Rutherford

Every tattoo shown below was created using The Mantis Grip!

The Story

Summer of 2016, my morning ritual consisting of coffee, social media, and too many cigarettes was underway. I was watching a video of a calligrapher busting out some script using a pen with an offset nib. I wonder if something like this would work for tattooing?

I started sketching and working things out in my head, ended up with something else entirely. I needed confirmation from my fellow artists whether I’m crazy, or if this idea could work. When I got to the studio, my dude Jeremy Selzer had a surprise of his own.

A praying mantis was chilling out back, he had found it and put it on our plant which sits in our smoking area. It was tiny, just a baby mantis. After we got over the excitement of our new shop mascot, we talked about my invention and the ideas started to snowball. Like any innovative idea, it sounded crazy at first. But, after dozens of sketches and long nights, it was definitely taking shape.

The mantis, who had now been dubbed the name “Manny Fresh”, was still living in our plant. We would find bugs and watch him eat. It was good entertainment for us and our clients. Sometimes he would turn his head and look right at me…like he was staring into my soul. Super cool. Anyway, it’d been about a month since Manny showed up and my idea had grown into a folder of sketches and notes. I was ready to make one and put it to the test. A client of mine is a machinist, we negotiated a trade of trades, and the first prototype was born.

I rushed to the studio and had Mike Stow do some lettering on my thigh with it, it worked!! I used the grip the next day. I loved it out the gate. From the first line I pulled I knew it had awesome potential. There was really no learning curve. It feels better in your hand, and just makes sense. Then I threw in a shader cartridge and it worked too. That’s when i realized its real potential, it works with both? Before, i was thinking maybe it’d be good for lining, hadn’t really considered it being great for everything. I had to step away from the tattoo and gather myself!

Over the next few months I lost a lot of sleep. I went through a bunch of prototypes and filed for a patent. I was relieved the day I handed everything over to the patent attorney. The weight and stress had been lifted. The drive back to the studio was somewhat surreal, like I was high or something. the sky looked cool, the sun was shining, and I was flooded with relief. I pulled up to the studio and went to say good morning to manny, like I had been doing every day for the last several months. He was gone! I kept looking, every day. every time i went out to smoke. It took a while to stop looking for him actually, it was just out of habit when we were out there smoking. now the plant was just a solemn reminder. We lost our mascot. People knew him, we posted a lot of pictures and videos of him, people would ask about him. He had a better following than I did! From time to time I would sit by the potted plant and wonder…why’d he leave? Did I not feed him enough? He was living the good life!

Looking back at the summer of 2016, I came to the conclusion that he was a token of good fortune, which is exactly what they are in some cultures. He left because his job was done. An idea was born with his arrival, matured with him, and became a reality with his disappearance. I decided to name my invention The Mantis Grip, in honor of our friend, the wise one, Manny the mantis.”

-Shea Rutherford

Dedicated to

Manny, wherever you are…killin’ it!
The crew at State of the Art Tattoo Gallery…killin it!

the story mantis


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